California Science Center Expansion

California Science Center Foundation

The $196 Million, World of Ecology, expansion project includes the construction of a four story concrete building consisting of approximately 170,000 square feet, with two (2) floors of “shelled” office space and two (2) floors of museum exhibitry space and a partial basement. The exhibitry space will include the construction an 188,000 gallon “Kelp Forest Tank” including live and decorative Kelp and other marine creatures. Housing for animals will be constructed within the confines of the Project.


The project will double the amount of exhibit space available. The design team includes award-winning architectural firms and live-habitat designers, interactive-exhibit designers, and the managers, curators, researchers and writers of the Science Center. The interaction of designers and science educators has resulted in the emergence of unique characteristics and innovative solutions for presenting ecological concepts to families, students and teachers.


“Every job has its surprises and difficult tasks. What defines a firm is not just how they handle the anticipated work, but how they confront and address unexpected project hurdles. We are pleased with the routine services of Reliant as well as how you have admirably stepped up to resolve project challenges. We hope to have the opportunity of working with you again in the future.”

--Jeffrey N. Rudolf President, California Science Center Foundation

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