Reliant Testing Engineers, Inc.

Project Approach

Inspectors and Technicians are assigned to provide inspection during the various phases of construction on an as needed basis. After a review of the project scope and our experience on similar projects, we anticipate the number and type of inspectors needed. We understand that this can fluctuate during the life of the project. The lead inspector would be assigned to the project throughout the construction period to maintain continuity. Reliant is committed to providing technicians and inspectors who are not only highly trained and competent, but are also multi-licensed, enhancing the ability to provide a cost- effective service. Additional inspectors are assigned to support the lead inspector as needed during peak construction activity. Individual structural steel and welding inspectors may be required for shop fabrication and onsite erection, bolting and welding. In addition, the lead inspector may require support staff during large concrete pours, exceeding 300 cubic yards per day, or when multiple tasks are being performed at the same time.

Laboratory tests will be required on the materials used in each stage of construction. Our onsite inspection team will obtain the required samples during the execution of the inspection duties. Samples are delivered to the laboratory and tested as required by the governing documents.

Reliant responds to our client’s field inspection and testing needs by planning and assigning a management team tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project. To accomplish this goal, the project manager, who is assigned during the proposal preparation, is responsible for the day-to-day project management and for estimating, coordinating, scheduling, and meeting budget requirements. In addition, the project manager assembles a project team made up of staff members and/or consultants who are the most qualified to meet the project requirements. The project manager is the team member who insures that the client and other consultants are informed of all pertinent issues during the duration of the project.

The Reliant Project Manager and Project Engineer work closely with the entire construction team toward the common goal of an “On Time” and “On Budget” project. Reliant provides a line item cost to date recap with every invoice, and notification when the project cost reaches 75% of the original fee estimate.

Reliant believes we are an integral part of the project team. Qualified personnel attend project meetings as necessary, especially during those critical phases of construction requiring more stringent oversight from a quality control prospective.

All test and inspection reports are accurate and timely. This data is reviewed and confirmed by Reliant’s engineer, then forwarded to the project team. A project cost recap is compiled and submitted with each invoice, this enables the testing and inspection progress and costs to be easily and accurately tracked.

Reliant understands your need for accurate and timely reports. Our estimated project fee includes the issuance, review and distribution of all daily inspection, testing and final compliance reports. Field reports are emailed to the field office daily. Fabrication reports can also be emailed to the project site on a daily basis. Reliant’s staff will distribute reports to your entire project team via email on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. Reliant will tailor our distribution to your project requirements. In addition, initial compression results will be emailed to your project site typically same day.

Reliant will provide a final report of compliance upon completion of the project. Your report will consist of an electronic copy of all daily field reports, final test reports, and final letter of compliance signed and stamped by our principal registered engineer.

Reliant is staffed with over 80 employees, technicians and special inspectors. Not only have we never let a project go un-covered, but can frequently cover last minute requests to keep the project on schedule. Our staff understands the frustrations of schedule delays due to a needed inspection or test result. To better accommodate our client’s needs, Reliant provides a 24/7 emergency dispatch line.

The goal at every construction site is a safe and injury free environment. Reliant is a safety-oriented company, and maintains an excellent safety record. Reliant’s principals and staff recognize that the diversity of projects and work conditions vary from site to site Reliant’s employees attend your tailgate safety meetings, and are to act in a safe manner at all times. To achieve our goal of preventing accidents and providing a safe work environment all employees must be safety conscious.